Korean Air to increase Southeast Asia services

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Seoul : Korean Air has confirmed plans to reduce the number of flights to Japan, whilst increasing flights to Southeast Asia, Oceania and Chinese markets.

The airline plans to strengthen its route competitiveness by focusing more on other markets, such as Southeast Asia, Oceania and China in the winter season.

Korean Air will launch a new daily route to Clark, Philippines, starting October 27. The airline will also add four more operations a week for Incheon-Chiang Mai/Bali, increasing the number of flights per week to eleven. In Oceania, the frequency of the Incheon-Brisbane route will be increased from five to seven flights a week.

Korean Air plans to start direct thrice weekly flights from Incheon to Zhangjiajie and Hangzhou in China and Incheon-Nanjing four times a week. The service between Incheon and Beijing will be operated 17 times a week, up from the previous 14 a week. Suspend.

Korean Air will suspend the Busan-Osaka route (14 flights a week) from September 16, as well as Jeju-Narita (three flights a week) and Jeju-Osaka (four flights a week) from November 1.

The airline will also temporarily suspend some of its other Japan routes. Incheon-Komatsu (three flights a week) and Incheon-Kagoshima (three flights a week) will be suspended from September 29 to November 16, and Incheon-Asahikawa (five flights a week) will be suspended from September 29 to October 26.

For Incheon-Osaka/Fukuoka routes, both routes currently have 28 flights a week, and the frequency will be decreased to 21 flights a week between October 27 and November 16. The frequency of Incheon-Okinawa will be reduced from seven to four flights a week, and Busan-Narita/Fukuoka from fourteen to seven flights a week, between September 29 and November 16.

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