Manila increases security screening

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Manila : Philippine Airlines has informed passengers that they may be subject to additional security screening in Manila.

The increased security has been implemented after the governments of Australia, New Zealand, UK and US stipulated that all connecting passengers bound for their countries must undergo additional security screening in Manila.

For compliance, an additional screening procedure for checked-in baggage will be conducted in Manila for all connecting passengers with flights out of Manila to London, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland and the US - including Guam and Honolulu.

Upon arrival in Manila, passengers will be assisted by Philippine Airlines' staff to the designated security screening checkpoint at NAIA Terminal (1 or 2) for screening of the checked-in baggage.

After completing the screening, passengers then proceed to the terminal's international departure area.

Only checked-in baggage subject to additional security screening in the presence of its owner shall be loaded on the next flight.

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