Saudi Arabia to introduce smart services on buses in Mecca

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Mecca : Saudi Arabia is ordering new smart technology to improve transportation services for pilgrims in Mecca.

Japan-based information technology firm NEC confirmed in a statement that it has received a purchase order from the kingdom for an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

ITS offers an accurate scheduling service and an automated fare collection system, which utilises IC cards to enable cashless, accurate and reliable fare collection, as well as a bus location management via GPS, the statement said.

Also, the smart system provides bus information to passengers through solar powered displays installed at bus stops and mobile applications.

The system will cover 400 buses next year, with a plan to increase the number to 2,000 buses over the following five years.

Nabil Al-Amoudi, Minister of Transport, Saudi Arabia said, "7,400 planes full of pilgrims arrived this year via Jeddah and Medina airports" and "more than 18,000 buses were mobilised" for the hajj.

For the sites around Mecca, transport during hajj remains chaotic.

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