Travelport becomes GDS provider of Air India's domestic flights

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New Delhi: Global technology service provider Travelport announced on January 9 that the company is now the sole global distribution system (GDS) provider for Air India's domestic flight content in India.

The contract, which was awarded to Travelport following a competitive bidding process, came into effect in November 2018 and was fully implemented as of January 1, 2020. Meaning Travelport is now the only GDS provider through which travel agents in India can receive both Air India's domestic and international flight content.

Martin Herbert, Regional Managing Director - India and Sri Lanka, Travelport, said, "We're delighted to reach this landmark. Wide and cost-effective distribution, coupled with impactful merchandising, are important to all airlines and we're proud, we are now the sole GDS provider of these services to Air India when it comes to both domestic and international content in India."

The company also continues to provide all domestic and international flight content from the carrier to its wide network of travel agents across the world.

As Air India is signed up to Travelport's leading merchandising solution, Travelport Rich Content and Branding, travel agents booking through its platform benefit from a graphically rich experience when searching for and booking the airline's branded fares, as well as greater access to its ancillary offers.

The milestone comes just one month after Meenakshi Malik, Executive Director of Commercial Operations at Air India, revealed that the carrier had already seen "growth of 22 per cent" in operational profit and "cut down cost by around Rs 300 crore" since it began changing its distribution strategy. Malik also projected a saving of "Rs 3200 crore in five years".

Drops Sabre, inks distribution deal with Amadeus

Air India exited Sabre global distribution system (GDS) ending a two-decade partnership and signed a new distribution agreement with Amadeus.

The deal sees the Indian carrier returning to Amadeus after it withdrew its inventory in the GDS.

The airline also has an agreement with Travelport. In October 2018 it chose the technology company as its sole distributor for its domestic flight content in its home market.

The exclusivity clause in the Travelport deal means that Amadeus' affiliated travel sellers in India will have access to Air India's international content only. However, Amadeus' global sellers will be able to distribute the carrier's full range of content, both domestic and international.

"We are glad to once again work with Air India and play a positive role in the airline's growth strategy," said Cyril Tetaz, Executive Vice President, Airlines, Asia Pacific, Amadeus.

Meenakshi Mallik, Commercial Director, Air India, said, "We are pleased to renew our relationship with Amadeus to support our growth strategy globally and hope that this is the first step in our new journey together. We look forward to working closer with Amadeus to support agencies and travellers in the future."

On January 2, Sabre announced in a statement that after a 20-year relationship Air India has decided to discontinue distributing its content through the GDS, and the carrier's content is no longer available to Sabre-connected travel agencies.

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