Korean Air celebrates 50 years, looks ahead to reaching 100-year milestone

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Seoul : Korean Air held a special ceremony on March 4 to celebrate its 50th anniversary with over 1,500 employees at its headquarters in Seoul, Korea.

Korean Air was launched as a small Asian carrier with only eight aircraft on March 1, 1969.

Today, after decades of developing new routes, service innovation, and continuous investment, Korean Air has become a leading global airline, flying to 124 cities in 44 countries.

Walter Cho, President, Korean Air said at the event that the company will strive to improve employees' happiness, build a constructive rapport with business partners, enhance customer satisfaction, and maximize shareholder value.

"We will do our best to satisfy our customers, raise the happiness of our employees and enhance the value of our shareholders, which will ultimately increase the value of Korean Air," Cho said. "We will leverage the values that we create with our partners to help the community achieve their dreams."

Over the past 50 years, Korean Air has flown 10,187,193,280 km, which is the same as 254,679 laps of the globe or 13,400 round-trips from the Earth to the moon.

Since its establishment, Korean Air has carried 714.99 million people, which is equivalent to over 13 times the total Korean population. A total of 40.54 million tons of cargo have been delivered, which is about 50.775 million eight-ton trucks.

In March 1969, Korean Air ranked 11th among 11 airlines in Asia. The company only had eight aircraft: one jet and seven propeller planes. Today, it has grown into a global airline, operating 166 aircraft, including 42 B777s, 9 B787-9s, 10 B747-8is, and 10 A380s.

Korean Air is taking steps to ensure the company reaches the 100-year milestone, and the airline aims to achieve growth, profitability, and stability under the "Vision 2023".

Korean Air has tailored strategies for sustainable growth in each business area. In the passenger segment, the airline will continue to expand on its Americas-Asia network based on the joint venture with Delta Air Lines and explore new routes to Europe and Southeast Asia.

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