Trips N Tours, only official BD travel agent for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

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Dhaka : Trips N Tours has been appointed by the stakeholders of ICC as the only exclusive Bangladesh official travel agent (OTA) for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 England and Wales. This grants them rights to sell match tickets and tour packages in the region.

"I am straight up under ICC's guidance. There are 17 OTAs of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 in the world. And these OTAs are global licence holders too.

They can operate sales to any part of the world. By being the only one from Bangladesh among these OTAs, Trips N Tours operate globally too," said Habibur Rahman Howlader, Managing Director, Trips N Tours Limited.

Trips N Tours only does ICC events. The company started its journey in 2013. The vision Habibur Rahman, Managing Director had was to do something based on sports tourism since he did not find holiday packages anything new. Being a sports lover himself, out of passion, he thought to provide a service platform to a certain class of people in Bangladesh who go and attend global sports events.

Habibur had some DMC (Destination and Management Company) and sports connection in Australia. During the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Australia and New Zealand, he contacted the stakeholders of the official travel tours programme of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

"See, these sports tournaments are events of ICC. ICC doesn't operate at field level and so they sell media rights, tour operations etc to different parties globally. They work in joint collaboration with ICC on their behalf."

In 2014, Trips N Tours applied to ICC. Following their rules and fulfilling their criteria, for the first time in Bangladesh, for such a global event, a Bangladeshi company was appointed as the official travel agent.

"We were appointed in 2014 for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. We didn't have much time to publicise it. But we successfully pulled it off. Many people went through us. Nobody overstayed. Everything was operated perfectly. I had created goodwill to ICC and the High Commission," said the Managing Director.

ICC trains these OTAs. They conduct workshops to teach authenticity, security, ethics etc. There is always an internal assessment of performance to see if any OTA is abusing these.

After that, the next big event is the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 England and Wales. All the works and processing starts a year or two before the event. So, the operations started in 2017 for this one.

"Since we were able to successfully operate for the previous one under ICC's guidelines, ICC again trusted us." Trips N Tours got appointed again after the completion of their formalities_ application, verification, background check, bond etc. In this total sub continent, only 4 companies were appointed this time.

Out of which, 3 are from India and only 1 from Bangladesh - Trips N Tours.

Interestingly, only two companies in the world are participating for the second time again this world cup. One of them is Gullivers Sports Travels (UK) and another is Trips N Tours from Bangladesh. "We are 200 times smaller than Gulliver Travels. Yet we are 'playing in their league' again. It is a matter of great pride that a small company from a small country had not been disqualified. It is very challenging to maintain quality."

Trips N Tours will be sending around 500 people from Bangladesh this time, expects the MD.

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