Fatalities of air accidents rise sharply in 2018

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Dhaka : The number of people killed in plane crash has risen drastically in 2018, according to experts.

Although the number of "serious" civil aviation accidents remained at 45 - almost at the previous year's level - the number of passenger deaths shot up globally, from 40 to 559 people.

According to an analysis of the Hamburg-based Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC), the number of victims in 2018, although above the 10-year average of 448 deaths, was far below the 25-year average of 844 deaths.

Among the severe accidents, was the crash of a Boeing 737 MAX of Indonesian airline Lion Air last year.

The almost brand new aircraft crashed into the sea after takeoff on October 29. All 189 passengers were killed.

Although the final report of the investigator will only be available in 2019, aviation expert Heinrich Large Bongardt said, "This accident is an alarm signal for me."

"The efforts of aircraft manufacturers, aviation industry and authorities to maintain a high level of safety in air transport continues," said Matthias von Randow, ED, BDL

"There is a huge demand for experienced pilots- especially if you are flexible, and keep the world-market in mind," he said.

According to an Airbus study, the global passenger jet demand is expected to double in the next 20 years to more than 48,000 aircrafts.

This would create a need for 540,000 new pilots, said the study.

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