Relax away from bustling city at Moinot Ghat

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Dhaka : If you are an avid fan of rivers, boat trips and want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, Moinot Ghat could be an ideal place for you.

It's a place where you can reach within minimal time, saving your full energy to enjoy the natural beauty that the spot offers in abundance. As a day-trip destination for the people of Dhaka city, the place has been garnering popularity for the last few months.

This year on the winter vacation I availed the opportunity to go to Moinot Ghat, which is located in Dohar of Dhaka. I can assure that you will be fascinated, looking at the beauty of the river Padma.

Moinot Ghat is a small quay on the bank of Padma. The quay is located in the Dohar Upazila, southwest of Dhaka city and is around two and a half hour's travel from the capital.

The locals said, rainy season was the most suitable time for visiting Moinot Ghat. It is a sight to behold. The lower portion on both sides, where peas are cultivated- gets submerged in the waters from the Padma.

A large number of people come here from Dhaka, to enjoy river Padma from boats, speedboats and trawlers.

Nawabganj route can be used if you wish to see it along with some other tourist sites such as Jajbari, Ukilbari, Ansar camp and playhouse.

Upon reaching there, you will get restaurants where Hilsha dishes are served. You can walk the banks of the river and occasionally dip your feet (or yourself) in the waves or relax taking sips of tea in nearby "tongs”.

And if you want to have a boat ride, you can hire a boat for an hour or so, take a ride to a nearby chars and contemplate about life in blissful isolation. If you want to ride a speedboat, it takes 16 to 17 minutes for the speedboat to run from Moinot Ghat.

Mohammed Akash, a speedboat operator of Moinot Ghat said, BDT 2,000 will have to be paid in advance to take a speedboat ride with your family on the Padma.

You can also share the ride with others as a boat can carry about a dozen passengers.

Moinot Ghat is also a place for party or picnic though managing accommodation for a large gathering would be a problem. But one thing is sure, you will get a serene atmosphere that would surely give you a soothing pleasure.

However, don't underestimate the mighty Padma. If you are not a good swimmer, be extra cautious while bathing. Try not to turn a "fun day out" into a tragedy.

Hilsha of Padma

Most people would like to relish the renowned Hilsa of Padma, sitting on the banks of the Padma. There are some local restaurants near the bank of Moinot Ghat. We took food and got the real taste of Hilsha at a local restaurant.

Do not forget to eat the traditional sweetmeats of Kartikpur. But remember there is no electricity here.

Moinot Ghat to me, is mini Cox's Bazar. In the winter season you can see the fishermen's boats catching fish in the Padma.

Walk on the banks of the Padma, and for a little while, you will feel that you are on the beach in Cox's Bazar, not in Dohar.

How to go

If you have own car, it will be easier for you to go there without any hassle. You can also board the buses which leave from Gulistan and will cost BDT 90 per person. Only "Jamuna" buses will take you right to the Padma banks.

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