BB makes foreign travel quota equal for travelling to any country

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Dhaka : Bangladesh Bank has announced making the annual travel entitlement limit of foreign currency USD 12,000, equal for travelling to any country and region, on July 25, says a circular of the Foreign Exchange Policy Department (FEPD).

The new policy will come into effect from January next year.

According to the circular, each adult will enjoy the limit of USD 12,000 annually. For a minor (aged below 12 years), the limit will be just half of an adult.

Currently, an adult is entitled to enjoy USD 5,000 quota for travelling to SAARC member countries and Myanmar and USD 7,000 for other countries.

This limit has been in effect since March 2015, says Mohammad Khurshid Wahab, General Manager of the FEPD.

He said the revision of entitlement to the upper limit of foreign exchange transaction has been done to facilitate growing need of foreign exchange for travellers. However, the circular also stated that none could spend more than USD 5,000 for a single visit in a given year.

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