Secret Kitchen : Where good food meets good taste!

_Asma Ali 01 Jan, 2019 | 583 Views|-+
Many restaurants have been adorning the street corners and different blocks of the city. Dhaka has got quite a good number of places to sate the food lovers' tastebuds. The are many specialised restaurants, which offer cuisines from different corners of the globe. There are also many other restaurants, which offer multi cuisine fare.

Secret Kitchen is one such multi-cuisine place where the food lovers can indulge in a variety of foods. This opened on December 14, 2018. Secret Kitchen has a wide array of food, ranging from Indian to Continental to Thai to Chinese. The menu is all decked up with Appetizers and Soups, Pizzas-n-Sandwiches, Desserts and Coffees.

For appetizers, one can choose from Spring Rolls, Wonton, Fried Calamari, Stuffed Mushroom, Momo and Satays. There are almost two dozen appetizers to choose from. Thai Soup, Tom Yam Goong, Chicken Corn Soup, Clear Vegetable Soup are the main varieties of soup.

For the main course one can choose from the Asian segment of the menu, which has a vast spread of Kababs, (Fish, Chicken, Prawn) coupled with Naans, Kulchas and Parathas. Thai and Chinese segment of the menu has specialties like Mandarin Fish, Mongolian Chicken, Flaming Duck along with the regular dishes like Chicken Chili Onion, Beef Chili Onion, Ginger Mushroom Chicken, Mixed Chowmein, etc. Pastas, Grilled Chickens, Pizzas are served in different preparations.

Apart from fresh fruit juices and soft drinks, there are cool choices of beverages, like Cinderella, Fruit Smoothies, Lovers Delight, Blue Moon, Green Lady. Tiramisu, Mousse, Red Velvet Cake are some of the delicious desserts, which complete the menu. Apart from the A la Carte menu, Secret Kitchen has a buffet menu, which is designed differently for each day of the week. There is a lunch and dinner buffet, seven days a week, where there are 24 items ranging from soups, salads to mains and desserts. They also provide takeaways and home delivery.

Secret Kitchen is open from 12 noon till 10.30 at night. The stylish décor is done in burgundy and brown, with tall glass windows letting in warm sunlight throughout the day. There is a cute kids' zone that has some wonderful attractions for the kids. The restaurant is on the 5th floor in Banani (House 100, Road 11, 4th floor, Banani Dhaka) right opposite to Platinum Suites.

The place, although very new, offers very reasonably priced food for a high end location. The menu has almost all the popular fares that our food lovers relish. With such good price, combined with such variety- it is sure to draw large number of guests in the days to come. Be it an A La Carte meal or a Set Meal or a Quick Lunch/Dinner- Secret Kitchen is there awaiting the food lovers to step in.

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