Raffinato brings authentic Italian cuisine to the table

_Asma Ali 01 Apr, 2019 | 1701 Views|-+
People's love for Italian cuisine spans across the globe. Now it seems to be much stronger in Dhaka with the opening of Raffinato, an authentic Italian restaurant adorning the city's landscape since July 2017.

Stepping into the place, a slice of Italy spread all over the restaurant is sure to grab one's attention. The décor speaks the tale of Italy, consisting of wood, paired with wrought-iron.

The walls and upholstery are done in muted shades of beige. Art works depicting the classic Italian style deck up the different segments of the restaurant.

The menu has a wide array of entree, soup, pasta, steak andpizza. For entrees, there are Veal Shanks, Lamb Chops, Grilled Salmon/Lobs-ter/Seabass, Veal Escalopes and a few more tasty treats. For appetizers, there are Bruschetta, Calamari, Grilled Veal etc.

Any Italian menu is incomplete without pizza and pasta. These are considered staple foods in the Italian culinary world. Penne, Fetuccini, Tagliatelle, Tortillini, Ravioili, Spaghetti - all of these are Pastas, but with different names based on their shapes. Raffinato has around a dozen dishes, in different preparations. Pizza, another Italian Staple, is served with a variety of toppings - eggplants, mozarella, mushroom, shrimp, pepperoni and many more.

To round of a meal with a sweet note, one can opt for Tiramisu. Cream Caramel or the usual Ice-cream scoops are also in the menu to delight the customers. Americano, Espresso or Cappuccino - the all-time favorite coffees are available in Raffinato to cater to the needs of coffee lovers.

Raffinato is a well-designed place that can accommodate around 40 guests. There is a cute and cozy patio too, where 10-15 guests can relax and relish their fabulous food. Raffinato is open from 11:30 am till 10:30 pm. The Italian restaurant is at Road 36, Gulshan-2, right behind The Westin Dhaka.

So to enjoy a treat of authentic Italian Cuisine in Dhaka, Raffinato awaits you, with sumptuous spread of Pastas, Pizzas and Entrees.

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