Amari Dhaka organises Amaya Thai Night Market Festival

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Dhaka : Amari Dhaka is set to organise Amaya Thai Night Market Festival to bring the festive tastes of bonafide Thai street food for city dwellers and food enthusiasts.

Amaya Thai Night Market festival will feature unique flavours of street food from Thailand prepared by Thai culinary maestro and Amari's Executive Chef Deaw from April 18-27 at Amaya Food Gallery.

The festival will have elaborate décor and staff costumes virtually turning Amaya into a Thai street food market accompanied by the vibrant live stations where chefs will put their culinary skills to test by cooking live and serving to guests as they request.

As Thai street food is based at its heart around the bounty of fresh and flavourful ingredients to be found and grown only in Thailand, most of the ingredients to be used for preparing the delicacies will be imported from there to preserve the element of authenticity.

Food enthusiasts from all walks can indulge delicious Thai street specialties such as Pad See Eiw, Pad KraPao, Som Tam, Gai Tod, GuayTeow and much more. Moreover, more traditional Thai dishes such as Tom Yum, Tom KhaGai, Prawn soup along with others will also be available to savour.

Guests can walk from station-to-station satisfying their taste buds with mouth-watering food similar to any street food market in Thailand.

The street food delicacies will be available for dinner from 6.30pm to 10.30pm and buy one get one will be applicable for selected cards.

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