Seafood and Continental delight in Prandium

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Uttara is a vibrant and dynamic town growing at a rapid pace. With skyscrapers and several restaurants surrounding the area, it has become a hot spot. However, the restaurants not only has gorgeous decor to offer but also mouth-watering food, much to the delight for the food-savvy.

The Prandium restaurant is such a restaurant. Delicious dishes, well behaved staffs and a bird's eye view - the restaurant offers all. What else do you need to have a great experience of dining?

The Prandium, situated on a major avenue at Uttara, offers you the delight of enjoying Continental and seafood along with a great view of the burgeoning city. Situated on the top floor (9th) of Al-Amin Center, the restaurant is well decorated, comfortably spaced and most importantly, manned with right staff members.

The Prandium started its journey on September 3, 2018.

Chef Ponir Hossain, Owner of the restaurant said, "Prandium is a Latin word. It refers to having decorated meal in an open area at night."

Ponir, an experienced chef, completed his professional culinary course from NHTTI in 2013. He has also worked in Le Meridien Hotel in 2015 and Maritarian Kitchen from 2005 to 2013.

Ponir said, "The price range for the dishes is a little bit expensive but we are conscious about the quality and quantity."

Upon entering, you will be greeted with a warm welcome at the restaurant. You can choose to sit at the window side or at the middle column of the restaurant. Both locations offer great views. However, sitting by the window will give you a great arial view of the city.

You can choose from various types of cuisine given on the menu. The Prandium boasts that it specialises on seafood, steak and marvellous desserts.

Their cream mushroom soup has the right mixture of ingredients, proper thickness and awesome taste. Their spicy fried rice and medium rare steak is also delicious in taste.

The fried calamari takes a while to be prepared. The calamari is well fried and contains the right amount of crispiness. It is totally tummy pleasing.

To finish off the great feast, customers can go for another signature item of The Prandium_ desserts. Again, all the dessert options are equally attractive.

A single slice of the blueberry cheese cake was big enough for two, yet there is no doubt that this is exactly what the dessert lovers crave.

Overall, the freshness is notable in all the ingredients of all the items. Also, the mix of spices suits the taste buds very well.

The place is great for having corporate dinners, birthday parties etc. The venue can accommodate 50 to 70 persons at a time.

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