Flavour of tribal food at Hebang

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Dhaka dwellers can now enjoy tribal food without travelling to hill tracts. Hebang, located at Mirpur's Kazipara, is a wonderful place to enjoy traditional tribal food of Bangladesh. They serve authentic Chakma cuisine comprising of healthy dishes. The menu consists of various vegetables, meats and desserts to the delight of foodies.

Hebang is considerably a new restaurant, aiming to give the people a taste of tribal food, specially to those who would like to meet the cravings for such kind of cuisine without having to go out of the capital. The restaurant was inaugurated last year on December 16.

It's the first restaurant, serving hill tracts food in Dhaka. It is run by four tribal women. All of them are sisters. They had a dream to open such sort of restaurant for a long time. Before the launch of Hebang, they used to supply these hill foods through online. After getting huge response online, a plan to open a restaurant came into their mind. Without further ado, came Hebang.

The second sister Prianka Chakma particularly came up with the idea of opening a restaurant in Dhaka. As soon as it was launched, it became a hit.

The decor of the restaurant completely consists of bamboo, making it look like a tiny tribal house. The bamboo crafts are even on the walls along with photos, showcasing tribal culture. The tribal products used for decor are - mejang (small table made of bamboo), daba (a tool to smoke) and huti (drinking water pot).

There is a private place called EZOR in the restaurant. It is named after their tribal culture. It is a tribal house in which customers can spend some quality time while having delicious tribal food.

Hebang is located at the north side of the Kazipara foot-over bridge. It is a great place to spend time with family, friends or partner. The restaurant has already created a great stir among the food-savvy people.

The management and staff at Hebang welcome guests in tribal manner making the restaurant distinctive than others.

In the tribal culture, Hebang means steamed food. Where other restaurants use stoves to cook, Hebang cooks food using fire and bamboo.

Moreover, another unique trait of the restaurant is that it brings most of the ingredients from their native places. This ensures the tribal taste in Hebang's food.

Also, Hebang offers mouth-watering dishes at affordable price, making it a great choice for all.

The menu consists of items such as bamboo chicken/beef/fish (1:5), chicken horbu, special jhal chicken, bamboo shoot chicken/beef (seasonal), chicken jhuri, prawn/fish/chicken/beef morich bhorta, tara chingri bhorta, holud phul/aada phul gudeyi, sabarang mixed vegetable gudeyi, kashki fry, special jhal fish fry (rui), mushroom chicken jhal fry, mushroom vegetable, pajon (mix vegetable), dheki shak, bamboo shoot gravy, kacha kathal curry, taba vegetable (oil free), egg/beef/fish/mushroom/shutki hebang, egg jhal fry, special dim alu, special beef jhal fry, kacha kathal beef (seasonal), shutki horbu, shutki-tara vegetable, special shutki jhal fry, nona hilsha bhaja, crab bhuna, crab jhuri, crab jhal fry and many more.

The prices range from BDT 80 to BDT 600.

They also have rosella tea which is different from other organic teas. Hilly fruits, nuts and pickles are also available in their menu. The restaurant is open from 12 pm to 10 pm everyday.

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