Café Social, classy place to socialise

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Dhaka : Socialising with friends, catching up over a cup of coffee, grabbing a quick snack, or even enjoying a few quiet moments alone - what better classy location could there be than Café Social.

At Café Social, Inter-Continental Dhaka, the décor is a statement by itself. The signature structure - the dome if you may call it - with the eye-catching chandelier gives a unique outlook of the place.

The well-lit area, done in off-white, lifts your mood and its architechtural theme gives you a feel of cosiness, so much so, that you would hate to leave the place.

It's the perfect setting for tea and coffee with your friends, business colleagues or just by yourself with their freshly baked French bakeries and cookies. The aroma of their brewed coffee beans will make you fall in love with this place.

Café Social has a total seating capacity of 90 people, but the place never gives a "crowded" feel. Here the menu is diverse - from coffee to pasta penne to pizza anything you will order - their chef will make you as per your choice.

If too much light is too much for you, the hotel has energy saving feature - the light dimming option.

Shahidus Sadeque, Director, Marketing and Sales, InterContinental Dhaka said, "Every month we do special promotion at Café Social to attract the clients. Like last month we promoted Snow Flake with three different flavours. Every month we try to add something new."

"Café Social is a welcoming space where one can catch up over coffee, grab a quick snack or even enjoy a few quiet moments alone in a cheery location. Sink into the comfiest seats in the city and sample some truly exquisite French bakery goods and freshly brewed coffee."

Shahidus Sadeque said, "The extensive menu also includes pasta and pizza, which can be customised as per your requirement by the chef at hand."

Café Social is open from 6:00 am in the morning till 11:00 pm. So come on in, socialise and head for your workplace, whatever it may be, happy.

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