The Sweetsin Coffees revamps, offers all gastronomic delights

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The go-to place for coffee lovers and sweet-tooths, The Sweetsin Coffees grows with time and demand, revamping itself, bringing more and new items to ensure customers leave having a complete gastronomic experience and come back with a big smile.

They made their name stand out with mouth-watering waffles, desserts and coffees first. Then, they started bringing such variations with their signature items that customers had no choice but to come again and again for.

Their latest Banana Waffle (BDT320) is a fine example. And it serves the tastebuds a little differently than their best seller Red Velvet Waffle (BDT390). The latter one is dense and heavy filled with cream cheese frosting and has a light coat of cream cheese sauce on top too whereas, the Banana Waffle is a lighter choice. And both taste great combined with ice cream.

However, Sweetsins array of desserts do not end with their signature waffles. A bunch of brownies and cakes are also available from slices to full pounds having varieties of options to choose from - fudge, nutella, chocochip, kitkat, cheesecake etc. If guests are not satisfied yet, tongue-pleasing Red Velvet Creamcheese Jar awaits them at BDT250 only. And for those who want to try the other ones in jars, Sweetsins won't disappoint to serve on order.

Now, as much as it is a heaven of desserts, it is also one of the most soothing places in town to enjoy a cup of coffee, be that a warmer or chiller, with an amazing collection of books that keep on changing every week or month.

To the delight of all the coffee lovers, Sweetsins brings new flavours in their coffees_ toffee nut, caramel, irish etc. Now, customers can enjoy their favourites such as Flavoured Latte (BDT295) or Frozen Latte (BDT297) with these exquisite flavours.

Having such a rich menu of desserts only asks for the same in savoury. A fulfilling and overwhelming gastronomic journey is what Sweetsins promises to offer and they certainly deliver.

From waffles (desserts), now they have waffle burgers which are simple yet defining variations of their famous burgers. Customers can now choose to have the popular Mainstream Delight (BDT330), KingKong Burger (BDT380) and Fatty Burger (BDT430) either with bun or paprika waffle at the same price.

Pastas in this regard are other latest entries to Sweetsins savoury menu. The mild Fettuccine Alfredo has a rich creamy texture and generous chunks of chicken. Customers can indulge in as much as they can without any worry because of the fine cream cheese is not too heavy. Those who are looking to spice it up a notch, Pasta Bolognese, containing meat sauce and tomato puree, is sure to steal the heart.

Now, amid all, Sweetsins' special platters are the main meals one can only dream of. Chicken Ala Crème Platter (BDT395), Teriyaki Chicken Platter (BDT 385) and Sirloin Steak (BDT485) are there to glue the customers to their plates until they have met their cravings fully. All of these are served with mashed potato, Mexican rice and grilled vegetables.

Also, Sweetsins is a favourite among the morning people too since delectable brunch is also what the restaurant serves best. They have three platters in their brunch menu which aims to serve the proper English breakfast to the food cravers of the capital.

Located on the 8th floor of Navana GH Heights at Dhanmondi, The Sweetsins Coffees really steals the show for the eye-catching view from a glass wall and the entire décor. It has beautiful wall art, which makes pretty good photo background, complimented by warm lighting, colours and games corner. All of these contribute to its ever growing popularity which has led the owners to launch another branch at Gulshan by a month intending to become a chain in no time.

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