Daniel Muhor, Cluster GM, The Westin and Sheraton Dhaka says

Sheraton Dhaka opening in mid-January

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Dhaka : Marriott Internatio-nal's Sheraton Dhaka is opening soon. The management is targeting to start simulation in mid-January, 2020.

Daniel Muhor, Cluster General Manager of The Westin Dhaka and Sheraton Dhaka said this while talking to The Bangladesh Monitor at his office in the capital recently.

Muhor previously served The Westin Dhaka as General Manager from 2013-2015. This year, he rejoined Marriott as the Cluster General Manager of Westin and the upcoming Sheraton Dhaka.

Sheraton Dhaka contains 250 rooms. And the most exciting feature of the hotel is its huge fantastic pillar less ballroom, 1,000 sqm in size and 8 m in height, offering plenty of banquet space, said Muhor.

The ballroom on the 14th floor can accommodate 600+ guests. "But there are larger rooms on either side of the ballroom as well as an entrance in front. Once these three rooms are opened, they can serve as pre-arrival or pre function areas. That will allow us to cater to at least 1500 people," said Muhor.

Then, on the 16th floor, Sheraton Dhaka has an amazing all day dining with open kitchen stations with a brilliant alfresco area, mentioned the Cluster GM.

Located on top of Banani DCC, the ground level of the hotel is the entrance. Floors from one to six are commercial. Then the seven and eight floors are for parking. On the ninth floor is the entrance to the hotel lobby. There will be a bar and treats on either side of the reception. Above, there will be an executive lounge and spa on the 13th floor.

All of these follow up to the rooftop where there will be a fantastic Japanese restaurant side by side with a swimming pool. The new hotel will also have coffee shop and lounge bar.

Renovation of Westin

"Within six months of opening Sheraton Dhaka, we are going to start renovating The Westin Dhaka," said Muhor. It will be more of a facelift to bring the new hotel up to the new Westin standard. Furthermore, any constructional work done, would be for operational changes only.

Part of the innovation plan for Westin is to create larger pillarless ballroom. They will be having an extra specialty restaurant too. They are also looking at putting together a Marriott Club Card which will allow guests to be members of both Westin and the new Sheraton and enjoy benefits especially for F&B.


Muhor claimed to witness a big increase in foreign arrivals in the country. RMG business used to contribute plenty of guests to the hotel sector earlier. But now, there has been a change, resulting in more and more Chinese companies and others coming in for many kinds of projects - transportation, power plants etc.

"The market is offering vast opportunities. Everyone wants to build a luxury five-star hotel here." Therefore, we are seeing hospitality giants like Hyatt, Hilton, JW Marriott and many others stepping into the market. "Together they will perform better than they will individually," said Muhor.

Westin's occupancy

In November, Westin closed 88 per cent of room occupancy. Most of the hotel's guests are repeat customers. And 86 per cent of the 88 per cent guests are loyalty customers, members of Marriott's Bonvoy Programme.

Hence, a key aspect that plays a role in this regard is the power of Marriott. "With Westin, Renaissance, Sheraton Dhaka and Le Meridien, we will eventually be controlling 60-70 per cent of the market," claimed Muhor.


Manpower is a challenge, especially at the Executive Level, said the Cluster General Manager. Thus, they are bringing in expats from manager to chefs, especially for F&B because it has always been really a major signature trait of Westin. "Our food culture, way of improvising and festivals not only lead in the market here but also all over the region."

Westin's revenue generator

Accommodation and F&B cover 50-50 of Westin's revenue. The hotel's outside catering service to convention halls is also another significant revenue generator.

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