Amari Dhaka offers Iftar takeaway, home delivery.

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Dhaka: Amari Dhaka is offering exclusive Iftar takeaway or home delivery sets and a la carte menus during the month of Ramadan considering the current coronavirus crisis.

The dishes are meticulously selected and prepared considering the long fasting days so that they provide ample nutrition during Iftar followed by dinner while offering mouth-watering taste.

Maintaining full hygiene, Amari’s kitchen is ready to deliver three exclusive iftar set meals – Silver, Gold and Platinum – priced at 2300, 3300 and 4500 respectively, including VAT for two persons.

The budget friendly “Silver” menu is designed with mouth-watering Ramadan bites like- Chicken Curry Puff, Chicken Makhmali Kebab, Full egg chop, Vegetable Spring Roll, Chicken Roast comes with chicken biryani, mutton or Chicken Haleem, Amari traditional Reshmi Jalebi, three varieties of drinks and much more.

The “Gold” menu is designed for people looking for bit more varieties and considerably lavish iftar spread followed by dinner. Arabic Falafel, Shami Kebab, Fish Croquettes with Aioli, Chicken Curry Puff, Full Egg Chop, Coleslaw, Vegetable Spring Roll, Mutton or Chicken Haleem are there as appetizer. Apart from these, Mutton Kacchi Biryani, Grilled Chicken with BBQ Sauce, Grilled Fish or Sweet and Sour Prawn are sure to meet the customers' craving for dinner. As dessert you can enjoy, Amari special Reshmi Jalebi, Basbousa, three varieties of drinks and much more.

The exclusive and delightful Platinum menu is designed with some Middle Eastern delicacies such as - Baba Ganoush, Hummus with pita Bread, Arabic Chicken Shawarma, Vegetable Spring Roll, Chicken Curry Puff, Breaded prawns with Tartar Sauce, Eggplant Tempura, Fish Croquettes with Aioli, Mutton Kacchi Biryani or Chicken Kabsa, Mutton or Chicken Haleem, Daud Basha, Samak Hara, Chicken Al Faham, Amari traditional Reshmi Jalebi, Basbousa, Cimmamon Balah Al Sham, three varieties of drinks and others.

Apart from all these, customers can also enjoy a la carte menus as well. The menu is serving only Haleem, Jalebi, Traditional Ramadan special snakcs, Chicken Roast, Dahi Bara, Baklava, Whole lamb Ouzi and Roasted Whole Fish Sea Bass.

To place an order customers can call 01777719319, 0255059620 or visit Amari Facebook page-

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