Head of Marketing and Ad Sales Eshita Sharmin says

bikroy.com now fourth most recognised online brand in the country

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Dhaka : bikroy.com is a household name in Bangladesh, an online marketplace from where people can buy the products of desire, through just a few clicks and sell as well.

The marketplace continues to grow, as it is giving people the ease of purchase and sale of any kind of products from anywhere in Bangladesh.

Now bikroy.com is the largest marketplace in Bangladesh, with more than 2.5 million users per month and said to be the fourth most recognised online brand in the country just after facebook, YouTube and Google.

Considered as a safe place IT-wise, it takes users less than two minutes to post an advertisement. One can sign up for a free account and post advertisements easily every time.

bikroy.com has the widest selection of popular second-hand items from all over the country, which makes it easy to find exactly what customers are looking for. So if you're looking for a car, mobile phone, house, computer or maybe a pet, you will find the best deals on the site.

Eshita Sharmin, Head of Marke-ting and Ad Sales, bikroy.com, said, "bikroy.com started its journey from Dubai as a classified site looking into core marketing in 2012. I was involved with bikroy.com from the beginning because I lived there."

"It's a multinational company. We have business at Sri Lanka and Ghana, but we believe in localisation. From Bangladesh office, we control the other two offices."

"At bikroy.com one can buy and sell items belonging to over 50 different categories. We carefully review all advertisements that are being published, to ensure the quality," she said.

“bikroy.com has some core values through which we ensure that both buyers and sellers are not cheated”, Eshita Sharmin said.

“We try to ensure keeping the things local and meet the sellers in person, check the item and make sure the buyers are satisfied with it before they make a payment. Buyers and sellers have to exchange items and make payment at the same time.”

bikroy.com has zero tolerance policy on scams and frauds. The site constantly urges "Buyers - don't make any payments before receiving an item and Sellers- don't send an item before receiving payment."

The site always urges users to exercise common sense. The statement for the customers is: avoid anything that appears too good to be true, such as unrealistically low prices and promises of quick money.

The site strictly discourages giving out of financial information like bank account details, eBay/PayPal or any other information that could be misused.

Eshita Sharmin said, "We never send emails requesting your personal details. If you receive an email asking you to provide your personal details to us, do not open any links. Please report such emails to us and then delete it."

She said, bikroy.com never requests payments for its basic services, nor does it allow transaction of items that are not located in Bangladesh. So import and brokerage fees are never required, she pointed out.

bikroy.com strives to make constant improvements to their technology to detect and prevent suspicious or inappropriate activity behind the scenes. In addition they track reports of suspicious or illegal activities to prevent offenders from using the site again.

"If you feel that you have been the victim of a scam, please report about it to us immediately. We also recommend that you contact your local police station," she requested users.

She said, "bikroy.com is committed to ensuring the privacy of its users and therefore does not share information (about its users) publicly."

With a view to ensuring women empowerment and increasing the number of women users, bikroy.com has created a forum, 'Moner Janala' in association with 'He for She' campaign of the United Nations. "We expect to receive good response from our customers," said Eshita Sharmin.

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