FDCB holds Fashion Fair Spring 2019

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Dhaka : Fashion Design Council of Bangladesh (FDCB) organised a two-day fashion fest named FDCB Fashion Fair Spring 2019, being held on March 1 and 2 at Gardenia Grand Hall, Gulshan 2 (House 8, Road 51).

The City Bank Limited, in association with IPAB, was the title sponsor of the fashion fair that showcased the collections of the country's renowned fashion designers.

The FDCB is a non-profit organisation engaged in activities for the advancement of the design industry of the country. The aim of FDCB is to put the designers of Bangladesh on a platform where they could learn from the experience and also share the rich and complex designs with the people of the country.

FDCB has worked very hard for the past few years to advocate not only for the great looks but also to connect their ideas with both the folks and traditional designs of Bangladesh.

They do not want to lose the DNA of designs that speak about their identifications and culture. Through this fashion fair, FDCB wanted to create a bond for collaboration with the designers and the prolific creative industry.

The event featured the following designers: Emdad Haque, Kuhu Plamondon, Chandana R Dewan, Maria Sultana, Rifat Rahman, Maheen Khan, Humaira Khan, Rifat Reza Raka, Sarah Karim, Sadiya Mishu, Ezmat Naz Rima, Mussarat Rahman, Lipi Khandker, Farah Anjum Bari, Shahrukh Amin, Afsana Ferdausi, Faiza Ahmed, Rupo Shams, Tasfia Ahmed and Shaibal Shaha.

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