Najmun Nahar conquers the world carrying Bangladesh flag

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Dhaka : Najmun Nahar is an adventurer. She has travelled to 125 countries so far, carrying Bangladesh's flag with immense pride. It is not a piece of cake to travel and survive in hostile environments, yet Najmun Nahar has accomplished this milestone all by herself without any fear.

Nigeria is the last and 125th country which she travelled to. From the hot desert of Sahara to underwater diving in sea, Najmun has done it all. She has even survived excruciating dangers of deep African Jungle.

Most of the time, she travelled by road. She has visited in every single country of South America, West Africa, South Africa and East Africa by road. She has travelled to most of the European and Asian countries too.

Her participation in the International Adventure Programme of India in 2000 initiated her travelling life. By visiting Panchmari, a district of Bhopal, India, she in fact kicked off the journey in what was the beginning of something very special in her life.

She upheld the Bangladeshi flag before children of at least 80 countries introducing Bangladesh to them. From there on, her journey carrying the national flag began.

In 2016 and 2017, she visited 35 countries in a row. Keeping the pace, she went to New Zealand which became the 93rd country she visited to.

In 2018, she travelled to 32 countries. From April to June in 2018, she went to 12 countries of East and South Africa.

Zimbabwe, the East African country was the 100th country, she set foot on which marked another milestone on June 1, 2018.

She held the flag of Bangladesh high above with pride while she walked on top of the world famous cascade 'Victoria' in a bid to enter Zimbabwe. The 'Victoria Waterfall' floating over half of Zambia and half of Zimbabwe witnessed the making of history that moment.

In October 2018, she visited Iran which became the 110th country. From November 2018 to January 2019, she visited 15 countries of West Africa by road.

Najmun Nahar was born in December 12, 1979 in an affluent family in Lakshmipur. She is the youngest of five sisters and three brothers. After finishing school and college, she obtained a degree from Rajshahi University. There-after, she achieved a higher degree on Asian Studies from the Lund University in Sweden.

On her passion about travelling, Najmun Nahar said, "In my childhood, my habit was to catch birds but every time I tried to catch one, they used to fly away.

Watching them flying in the sky with utmost freedom made me wish, I had wings so that I could fly in the sky like they do."

"The passion to travel the world started growing from there. When I first saw a map in childhood, I looked at it with utmost passion. That passion indeed has brought me here."

Najmun Nahar is one of those women in the world, who crossed thousands of miles by road all alone carrying the nation's flag in hand. Her indomitable nature even leaves the world awestruck. Hence, she has received many accolades for her achievements from different parts of the world.

Harriat Kayena, Governor of Zimbabwe, honoured her monumental hallmark. She has also received the 'Flag Girl' award from the Governor of Zambia.

International media also followed and acknowledged her extraordinary feat. A feature story on her travelling experience was published in Zambia Daily Mail newspaper. Renowned journalist Margareta Samuela also published a special story on her lifestyle, philosophy, the pride of Bangladeshi flag along with her milestone and motivational activities.