Fit Elegance, first local suit brand continues to reign

_Tanvir Shams16 May, 2019 | 3832 Views|-+
Dhaka: Fit Elegance, the leading suit brand of the country, caters to the needs of all men in Bangladesh with world class suits. Interestingly, the face behind this men's apparel brand is of a woman, Wahida Sharmin, Director of Fit Elegance. With her extraordinary efforts, Fit Elegance continues to reign in the suit market.

Fit Elegance stands out from others because of their parent company East West Industrial Park Ltd which works in international level with H&M, Raymond and other brands. Thus, they are always the first to get the latest designs, fabrics and accessories. East West Industrial Park Ltd exports apparels abroad.

The company was established 34 years ago by Wahida's father-in-law. "What the company exports abroad, my father-in-law wanted to deliver that to our local people so that the common people of our country do not have to go abroad to buy good quality suits. Hence, he opened the first outlet of Fit Elegance in Tejgaon. It started small but now by God's grace, we have 10 outlets in the country," said Wahida Sharmin.

Fit Elegance has around 200 employees including head office and factory.

Fit Elegance makes products focusing on seasons. For which, they have two varieties - summer and winter. Wool based warm fabrics are what they choose to use for their winter collection. On the other hand, they use light weight fabrics for their summer suits such as linen or tropical fabric. "Since people in our country, usually considers suites to be a winter outfit, we have to keep that in mind when we make our products," said Wahida Sharmin.

Besides their general summer and winter collections, Fit Elegance also brings Eid collection and wedding collection in their respective seasons. "We also keep track of all the latest trends based on which we modify our suits." For instance, we are now doing sherwani, waistcoat, overcoat, modi coat, prince coat etc to cater to the growing trends and fashion. However, we stand strong on our signature ground which is suits."

Earlier, a tendency was seen among people that suits were only considered to be an occasional garment. However, over the years it has changed. Now, it is an official dress code in many companies. "This is why, we are getting more and more of corporate clients from banks, airlines, private companies, MNCs etc. Five years ago, we didn't do such amount of corporate dealings," said Wahida. For those corporate clients, Fit Elegance makes basic suits.

The brand works in two ways. One is 'made to measure' for which they custom make clothes based on each client's body measurement. On the other hand, they also have readymade products which are made size wise. Average body measurements of Bangladeshi people are considered for each size in making readymade products. However, these have to be similar to the international standards.

Fit Elegance has a factory in Gazipur. All the products the renowned suit brand has are made locally in their factory.

Moreover, a trait that distinguishes Fit Elegance from other brands is that they can provide bulk quantity. The price of blazers ranges from BDT4500 to BDT7000. Trousers cost from BDT 1600 to BDT 2350. One can buy individually and then match if one does not like their suit collection. There are matching pants with blazers to make the choosing part convenient for customers. This is a new thing that Fit Elegance is offering.

The suits range from BDT6000 to BDT50,000 depending on fabric. The cost of fabric depends on the amount of wool there is. Yet, we are trying to cover all the ranges. There was a conception before that Fit Elegance only targets exclusive clients. However, recently, we have been trying to target all types of customers."