MTB Air Lounge pioneers in bringing utmost comfort

_Tanvir Shams01 Aug, 2019 | 3137 Views|-+
Those who travel, be that for business or leisure, no longer get bored waiting for their flights after reporting at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport Dhaka. All credit goes to the airport lounges that have emerged in recent times. There are quite a number of lounges at Dhaka airport right now, however, Mutual Trust Bank's MTB Air Lounge surely steals the show.

Entering the lounge, the eye-pleasing dim yellow lights and the soothing brown décor will make one wonder if it is the most sophisticated lounge in the entire airport.

The lounge is 2000 sqft in size. It is not too big, but the way they have segmented each section looks elegant. To read books, there is a quiet place in front of the library with comfy sofas. Then there is a place with couches to sit and dine. There are TV sets on each side so that wherever one sits, he/she can enjoy watching. Also the walls are adorned with expensive paintings, that are simply splendid.

The food that the lounge serves, is catered by The Westin Dhaka. Foreigners love to come to their lounge because other lounges are very crowded. About 600-800 foreign guests come to MTB Air Lounge in a month. So considering them, they have arranged a menu consisting of healthy, vegetarian and less oily food. Of course, they also have items to cater to the tastes of Bangladeshi people as well.

There are three types of menu, one for breakfast, another for lunch and last one for dinner. Lunch and dinner are mostly of the same menu. In breakfast, there are traditional items, as well as English breakfast. For lunch and dinner the menu is multi-cuisine. Interestingly, the menu changes every week.

The most exceptional facility of MTB Air Lounge is its massage corner. No other lounge has anything like it, in Bangladesh. In abroad, airports have full body massage machines. However, customers have to pay to receive the service. On the other hand, in MTB Air Lounge, the guests can receive the massage service complimentary. One can receive full body, foot and calf massage by three separate designated machines.

Another pioneering feature of MTB Air Lounge is the library. It has a good collection of reading materials from financial to fiction, medical, poetry, biography etc. They don't have all in the display. But if anyone wishes to read a book from a particular segment that is not in display, their staff provides it right away.

There are some other infersting services like a shining shoe shiner that sits on one side of the lounge. There is a shower room for male travellers only, as well as a baby diaper changing room.

The management runs the lounge little differently. They do not want too much crowd. They keep the environment sophisticated. Other airport lounges serve business class passengers of 10-15 airlines. Same goes for cardholders. But MTB Air Lounge is nothing like that. Their purpose is to keep the crowd small and the place classy while providing the best possible service.

MTB Air Lounge serves more than 80 guests per day. However, during occasions like Eid or other holidays, the number of guests crosses the 150-200 mark a day. They have a 34 persons seating capacity.

Also, not all expatriates can get access to their lounge. One must have a foreign passport. They have set a bar to maintain their class. On payment service is not allowed to ensure their standard is not compromised. They prioritise quality service over quantity of customers.

Two kinds of customers get access to the lounge. One is the cardholders. Among which, there are MTB Mastercard World, MTB Visa Signature Card, MTB Platinum Card, MTB Titanium Mastercard, MTB Gold and MTB Mastercard Gold - all of these are MTB credit cards. Moreover, privilege account holders get access as well. They are called Privilege Banking Customers.

The clients are from several professions. Privilege Banking Customers are mostly businessmen, because one needs to have a threshold of minimum BDT 40 lakh. Signature and Mastercard are upper hand cards while Platinum and Gold are regular ones.

Also, the cardholders can receive all the card services at the lounge such as card endorsement, limit checking etc.

Apart from credit card holders and Privilege Banking Customers, they are also providing access and services to Worldwide Priority Pass holders. And locally, they are providing access to the business class passengers of US-Bangla Airlines only.

MTB Air Lounge is the only international lounge of MTB. It was established in September 2017. MTB has two other lounges at Chattogram and Sylhet, both are domestic. And a new one is under construction at Saidpur airport.

The management has plans to expand MTB Air lounge and bring more new and innovative features to the lounge in the near future.