Tale of a multi-virtuoso in culinary, art, travel: Nahid Osman

- Tanvir Shams01 Sep, 2019 | 1340 Views|-+
Unlucky at cards, lucky in love, is the opposite of what the Portuguese used to say, yet happened in her case whom we know by many identities. Because she is simply known by the things she 'loves' to do. Combine culinary, art, craft and travel, you'll get none other than Nahid Osman.

Her culinary prowess gives her the privilege of attending international food fests worldwide, judging and training international chefs, besides running her own culinary show as a celebrity chef.

On the other hand, she does several exhibitions all over the globe showcasing her sensational art and craft. Her role in the world of art doesn't end there. She has also worked as a curator to bring out the best of others to the rest of us.

Even the weavers are in debt of this legendary figure as she contributed a lot to their business, bringing their mastery up front with her work in the world of fashion.

Meanwhile, through her travel, she hands the mesmerising beauty and heritage of Bangladesh to the entire world.

An artist like Nahid Osman can never stick to one thing only. Because the inner desires don't just stop growing. As soon as she fulfills a desire, another grows. Thus, her quest never ends.

For 10 years, she travelled every corner of earth for seeking art wherever she can find - culinary, painting, craft, heritage, culture etc. She met and sat with all kinds of persona -- artist, chef, writer, musician, poet, actor, ambassador etc. She learned everything they had to offer.

Even though she has an extravagant combination of unique professions, she doesn't prioritise one over the other. She only does the things she loves. And according to her, one cannot love more or less, one can only love.

She has done a culinary-travel programme with Maas-ranga Television for 7 years. Now, she is working on another culinary programme with SATV. However, in those 7 years she worked with Maasranga, she travelled restlessly. Painting was on a hold then. But it has emerged in her life again. She is a full-fledged painter now.

Interestingly, she doesn't sell all of her paintings. There are some of her favourites which she wouldn't sell for any price. Be that as it may, at the end of the day, Nahid Osman is a giver. So, sometimes she does give away the things she loves because she loves giving too. That explains why she brings the undiscovered culinary, lifestyle, art and culture of every corner of Bangladesh in the limelight.

Nahid Osman never had any plan set out to do all these. Whenever whatever pops up in her mind, she just does it. When she was in her 20s, she opened the very first yoga school in Bangladesh - Slimline Yoga. She had learned yoga in her childhood. Later an idea knocked on her mind of opening a yoga school come club. It grew like a family. However, she had to close the doors when she got pregnant after running the school for 9 years.

Then crafting received the honour of witnessing her artistic touch. She started crafting silver jewelry, particularly. Her signature was of North-African tribal and local fusion. Her works included the likes of tail, fur, claw, teeth of many animals. She exhibited the crafts in many countries. Most of the buyers were foreigners because local people weren't into silver back then. Locals used to call her 'methorani' jokingly because she used to wear a lot of silver. Still, she didn't stop doing it because of a reason very simple - she loves it.

After that, she felt like making clothes. So, her fashion designing journey started. She used to work with handloom a lot to help out the weavers.

There was never any conflict in such multitasking. Prime reason would be the underlying base of all which was love, not money. Moreover, all of these come under one particular umbrella - art. So, the similar ideology is a very important factor for not letting any conflict happen.

Nevertheless, Nahid Osman is a bohemian. By nature, she cannot lead a life which is regulated. That's why she never felt comfortable to run a business, say opening a culinary school, because that would bring her under a commitment.

The love she has for her works is so pure that it'll make anyone love those as well. Seeing her initiatives in the respective fields, more and more people started cooking, travelling, painting, opening galleries etc. Her fame surpasses our boundaries as she seems to have equal respect in foreign lands too. South Asian Association for Gastronomy( S.A.A.G ) a 'Food For Thought Fest', is what she was invited thrice too. She has worked with great master chefs globally. Not just that, international culinary wizards wait to work with her. She teaches them how to cook Bengali food.

Bangladesh takes immense pride in Nahid Osman's excellence and her contribution to food tourism as much as she herself feels honoured for taking Bengali food to global heights. Everybody knows and loves Bengali cuisine now. Foreigners from various countries come to Bangladesh in groups to have Bengali food cooked by Nahid Osman's own hands.

Such integrated portfolio helped her getting multiple avenues. She is loved and lionised all over earth. She serves as a bridge that links Bangladesh's culinary culture and art with the foreign world. She has helped to put Bangladesh in the travel list of millions of foreigners.

There is a stigma in our country that doing multiple things means you are less serious about life. It couldn't be more wrong. Everyone has an artist inside. And creativity has no limit. An artist is always restless. Ideas come and go. If you don't act on them, you will be stressed out.

Multitasking is done by businessmen too. It is a rare skill. Not all possess the power to do so. If you can pull it off, then there will be nothing greater. 'Jack of all trade, master of none' - is an outdated concept. We live in a progressive world now. Besides, by doing what you're passionate about, be that many things, at least you will have a smile on your face when you go to sleep at night.