US Ambassador attends Shakrain Kite Fest organised by Dhakabashi.Org

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Dhaka : Dhakabashi Organisation and Bangladesh Kite Federation jointly organised a parade and Kite Fest during Shakrain on January 14 at Lalbagh and Urdu Road of Old Town respectively, like every year.

Earl Robert Miller, US Ambassador to Bangladesh was present on the occasion.

The parade started with music from Dhakeswari Temple and ended at Lalbagh Fort. The slogan for this year's parade was 'Save the Heart of Dhaka - Buriganga'.

Shukur Salek, President of Dhakabashi Organisation and Bangladesh Kite Federation presided over the parade while Shahjahan Khan, former Principal of City College, Hazi Abdus Salam, President of Businessmen Unity Forum, Hazi Deen Mohammad and Alaudding Malick, Advisor of Dhakabashi Organisation participated.

A discussion was held during the event where Sheikh Khoda Baksho, Secretary-General and Rashed Mahmud, Organising Secretary of Dhakabashi Organisation and Humayun Ahmed Montu, Assistant General-Secretary, Dhaka Mohanagar Committee took part.

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