Mexico plane crashes near Durango, all 101 passenger, crew survived

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Mexico City: Aeromexico plane crashed just after takeoff in Mexico's state of Durango, injuring 85 people, two of whom are in a critical condition on July 31 at 4:00pm.

An Aeromexico airliner carrying 101 people from the Mexican city of Durango to the country’s capital has crashed soon after take-off, but all 97 passengers and four crew survived the accident, according to Mexican officials.

Aeromexico flight 2431 made an emergency landing about 10 km from the airport shortly after taking off. The plane – a Brazil manufactured Embraer 190 – landed in a field near the state capital’s airport.

The Mexican airline said on Twitter that flight number 2431 was an Embraer 190 and was bound for Mexico City when it crashed.

Eighty-five people were injured in the accident – some seriously – but José Rosas Aispuro, the governor of Durango state, said on Twitter that there were no fatalities.

TV images showed the severely damaged body of the plane emerging from scrubland and a column of smoke rising into the sky.

Aispuro said he did not want to comment on technical details of why the plane might have crashed. “But there had been a storm which had just gone by when the plane took off.”

Several injured passengers were able to walk from the crash site, according to the Sin Embargo news website.

One survivor, who had been sitting in Premium Economy and escaped from the front of the plane, told the website the aircraft had failed to properly take off “perhaps because of its weight or because of the intense storm that had just started to hit this part of the city”.

The operator of Durango airport, Grupo Aeroportuario Centro Norte, attributed the crash to bad weather conditions, citing preliminary reports.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto wrote on Twitter that he had instructed the ministries of defense, civil protection and transportation to respond to the crash.

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