Finnair captain was arrested at Helsinki airport for being 1.5 drunk on alcohol test

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Vantaa Airport: Finnair confirmed that a pilot who reported for work intoxicated on August 15 at Helsinki Airport was one of its employees.

The pilot had a blood alcohol concentration level of 1.5 on alcohol test. However the airplane was not ready for departure and the captain was not sitting in the cockpit.

Finnair said in a press release that company staff made a notification about the suspected substance abuse, and a police patrol was then called to administer a breathalyser test, which confirmed the suspicion.

“In these types of situations termination of employment always follows. We take these things very seriously” Finnair’s head of media relations Päivyt Tallqvist said.

Tallqvist says the departure of the flight was bound for Rome was delayed by an hour and a half after the crew was changed.

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