Malaysia Airlines flight aborted takeoff from Shanghai after burst tyres

- A Monitor Report 22 Oct, 2018 | 3177 Views|-+
KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian Airlines flight MH387 from Shanghai to Kuala Lumpur sustained damage when the tyres of the left-hand main landing gear ruptured during takeoff from runway 35R at Shanghai-Pudong International Airport, China.

The aircraft, a Boeing 737-800 began taxiing at 03:41 hours local time and reached the runway 35L threshold at 04:00. While accelerating for takeoff, both tyres of the left-hand main landing gear failed. The flight crew aborted takeoff and turned the aircraft onto a taxiway.

A preliminary investigation found the tire failure may have been caused by a malfunction of the airplane anti-skid braking system.

The aircraft was then towed to the taxiway to allow for inspection and all passengers onboard safely disembarked.

The plane’s fuselage sustained damage in many places from fragments of the exploded tyre, which also closed a runway.

“Investigation is currently still ongoing. Safety remains of utmost importance to Malaysia Airlines, and it will ensure that the aircraft is airworthy before being deployed for service,” the airline said in a statement on October 21.

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