PM Sheikh Hasina says no plan to close down Old Airport

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DHAKA: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ruled out the possibility of closing down the old airport at Tejgaon in the city saying that it belongs to the Air Force and it must remain under their possession.

"This airport will never be closed belongs to the Air Force and it must remain theirs," she said.

The prime minister said this while inaugurating the newly constructed VVIP Complex of the Tejgaon airport on October 27.

She, however, asked the Air Force to remain alert so that this airport must not be grabbed by others.

Sheikh Hasina assured that no one will be able to take away this airport from the Air Force as long as she is there in power.

The prime minister asked all to shun the thinking of constructing high-rises beside the first airport of the country. "I want to warn you many people have their greedy eyes on it, the Air Force should use must not be grabbed by others."

She went on saying, "But when I will be not be there in power, many may come to grab this airport, I don't want to see this airport getting ruined as Dhaka city badly needs another airport.... we have another one, why should we destroy it."

Sheikh Hasina put emphasis on the use of the airport and said flights should be operated from there so that all can understand about its use.

The prime minister firmly mentioned that the airport land will not be allotted from the Air Force to anyone else as long as Awami League remains in power.

In this context, she said, the Air Force needs more land as the government is further increasing its operational activities and its size.

Hasina went round different sections of the newly constructed VVIP complex of the airport.

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