Heathrow Airport shut down after runway light power outage

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LONDON: London Heathrow runways were closed due to "runway light failures."

Passengers at several locations including New York, New Orleans, Miami and Boston told that their planes en route to London were stuck on the tarmac on November 6.

According to the report, the passengers were told that there was an apparent electrical outage at the airline's main terminal in London.

Flights that were already in the air seem to be unaffected by the shutdown.

Planes were hold at origin airports. British Airways flight #BA116 from JFK was already on the runway before crew members were told to take the plane back to the gate.

A Heathrow spokesperson provided an update claiming: “Our engineering teams are investigating a technical issue with the lighting system for the airport’s runways.”

British Airways flight 116 was already on the runway before crew members were told to take the plane back to the gate.

A spokeswoman for British Airways also responded to the website, adding: "We are aware of an issue with the airfield at Heathrow Airport.

Heathrow Airport activated its contingency plans and both runways are currently open and operational, although we anticipate there will be some delays at the airport throughout this morning.

Other passengers told different TV channels that they were escorted off of their flights and were forced to wait inside the airport terminal until their status was updated.

"We were sat on the plane for a hour and have just been escorted off it," a British Airlines passenger named "Charlie" told the website. "Now I’m sat at the gate waiting for information which they have failed to provide."

Last week, the United Kingdom's Civil Aviation Authority regulator claimed that there were concerns over the cost and schedule of a new Heathrow Airport runway, which needed to be addressed "urgently and decisively" in a letter to the Department for Transport.

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