Turkey sets record welcoming 37.5 million international tourists in 2018

-A Monitor Report 29 Dec, 2018 | 4031 Views|-+
Turkey: A rapid growth in tourism has been witnessed in Turkey with the record number of tourists’ arrivals.

According to the Culture and Tourism Ministry’s data revealed on December 28, more than 37.5 million foreigners visited the country in the first 11 months of 2018, meaning the number rose remarkably to 22.3 percent in the January-November period, compared to the same period last year.

The figures showed the tourism capital Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city by population and the Mediterranean resort city of Antalya attracted the highest number of foreign visitors — 12.4 million and 12.3 million, respectively.

The Russians accounted for over 15 percent or nearly 5.9 million of the visitors, followed by Germans with 11.6 percent (4.3 million visitors), and the U.K. with nearly 6 percent (2.2 million).

After undergoing a bad phase of security problems, terrorist attacks and the 2016 attempted coup, Turkey has got back on its feet this year and seen a record-breaking year for tourism.

The tourists from UK showed the biggest increase in arrivals from European countries, rising 36.5 percent to 2.21 million in the first 11 months.

The number of Russian tourists grew 26.2 percent to 5.87 million and German tourists increased by 25.6 percent to 4.33 million.

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