Air India offers first class seats for up to 75% less with Upgrade Lite

- A Monitor Desk Report 02 Jan, 2019 | 3777 Views|-+
Dhaka: Air India launches Upgrade Lite, a service that allows passengers to bid for First and Business Class seats. Under which, the airline claims to offer seats for up to 75% less.

Over 50 airlines provide this platform to let passengers bid on unsold seats rather than fly with empty seats up front.

Partnered with Optiontown, a travel option website, Air India offers this upgrade service. If passengers successfully get an upgrade, then they will be notified at the check-in counters from four to one hour before departure. For the failed attempts, the amount will be refunded within five days of the flight’s departure.

An Air India official explained that one can only sign up for a chance to upgrade to First or Business class using Upgrade Lite, if only he or she has flown to any domestic or international destination from Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Chennai booking through Air India.

The airline official also mentioned that bids have to be made per person and per flight.

“The bidding range will have a pre-defined reserve price. The bidding time for a specific flight will be open till 0-4 hours for both domestic and international flights. Bidders need to have a valid ticket,” the official added.

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