Cathay Pacific honours mistake of selling $16,000 tickets for $675

- A Monitor Desk Report 05 Jan, 2019 | 2626 Views|-+
Dhaka: Cathay Pacific, the flag carrier of Honk Kong, is honouring a blunder they made by accidentally selling first class fares at a fraction of their price.

The airline sold business-class return tickets from Vietnam to US and Canada at a steep discount mistakenly.

A premium round-trip ticket from Da Nang, Vietnam to New York is a steal at $675, since it usually costs $16,000.

The pricing mistake adds to the company's embarrassments, as it struggles to make a turnaround to cover losses while facing strong competition from other Asian airlines. Such mistakes sometime happen due to human or technical issues in the computer system or from currency conversion errors.

Other airlines also have a history of making similar mistakes. Singapore Airlines in 2014 and Hong Kong Airlines last year honoured business-class tickets after they made a mistake of selling them at economy fares.

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. also stays true to their word. “We do not want to go back on our promise to our customers. We made a mistake but we look forward to welcoming you on board with your ticket issued,” Cathay said on its Twitter account.

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