AvWx Workshops offers personalised weather training online

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Dhaka: AvWx Workshops is offering one-on-one training for pilots that breaks down the gathering and deciphering of weather information through PowerPoint presentations and desktop sharing.

The desktop sharing allows the presenter to show the participant in real time how to conduct the weather briefing.

For instance, mesoscale convective system (MCS) is one weather concept that many pilots are not familiar with. The personalised online training deals with many concepts such as this.

Communications between the instructor and participant is done through the phone.

The online training is not meant to be used as an actual weather briefing service. It is only training.

Best of all, the training is dedicated to one’s needs, so there is no need to spend any time on aspects that one is already familiar with.

A one-hour session costs $79 and is conducted through online GoToMeeting.

Time slots are available at various hours on Monday through Friday and can be booked online at avwxtraining.com.

The website also includes a weather blog with articles on weather related topics.

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