Wendy Warner, Country Manager, IFC, says,

“Bangladesh has developed surpassing expectations”

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Dhaka: “With the expert and progressive lead of honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh has developed surpassing expectations,” said Wendy Warner, Country Manager for Bangladesh, International Finance Corporation (IFC) at a meeting held with Md Mahbub Ali, State Minister, Civil Aviation and Tourism at the ministry on Tuesday, February 05.

In reply, the state minister said, “The honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is very eager to develop Bangladesh’s airport, aviation and tourism. Following her lead, the ministry is working hard to improve the airports to an international standard.”

He further added, “The airports are the entryways of the country. When a tourist enters this country, he gets an impression of the country by the standard of services provided at the airport. If the airport services are developed, then the country will be able to make a good impression to foreigners.”

In the meeting, the country manager for Bangladesh of International Finance Corporation proposed to help develop the standard of services at Bangladesh’s airports.

In return, the state minister expressed gratitude for her gesture showed on behalf of her corporation.

Moazzam Mekan, Head, Public-Private Partnership for South Asia, IFC; Nuzhat Anwar, Senior Country Officer, IFC and officials of the ministry were also present in the meeting.

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