Five major airlines accused of violating passengers right

A Monitor Desk Report 25 Feb, 2017 | 2093 Views|-+
Passenger flight schedule Dhaka: The five major international airlines have been accused of violating the consumer law of EU by not paying almost 200,000 passengers, their rightful compensation, which they are entitled to get due to delay of their flights. The Airlines who are accused of violating the law are- American Airlines, Emirates, Etihad, Singapore Airlines and Turkish Airlines.

The above airlines have been asked to pay the compensation or might be taken to court by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The CAA said that all those airlines had confirmed them that they have not paid compensation when their delays has caused the passengers, missed their onward flight.

As per EU law, passengers are entitled to compensation, if they reach their destination more than three hours late. This includes the compensation even if they are booked on a connecting flight. This excludes the delay, if caused due to extraordinary circumstances. These rights apply to any flight departing an EU airport, regardless of the nationality of the airline or the flights destination.

According to EU law, the long haul passengers are entitled to £250 if their flight arrives between three and four hours late and is entitled to £510 if the flight is at least four hours behind schedule.

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