Guo Ping seeks industry collaboration to ensure cyber security

- A Monitor Desk Report 04 Mar, 2019 | 1644 Views|-+
Dhaka: Guo Ping, Rotating Chairman, Huawei called for international collaboration on industry standards and appealed to governments across the world to listen to cyber security experts in his keynote speech at Mobile World Congress 2019.

Guo mentioned how Huawei developed the most integrated 5G networks in the world, and argued that such innovation is nothing without security. He urged the industry and governments to work together and adopt unified cyber security standards.

The past few months have been a challenge for Huawei due to security issues. But Huawei has already claimed that it has not and will never plant backdoors disallowing anyone else to do so in their equipment. On the 2018 EU R&D Investment Scoreboard, Huawei ranks number 5 globally. Last year, it invested more than 15 billion US dollars for security.

Guo said, “The more we invest in engineering science, the more value we can create. At Huawei, we can bring powerful, simple, and intelligent 5G networks to carriers anywhere in the world, faster than anyone else. Huawei is the global leader in 5G. But we understand innovation is nothing without security.”

He added, “Huawei is the first company that can deploy 5G networks at scale. More importantly, we can deliver the simplest possible sites with better performance. Anyone can rely on Huawei for best technology and greater security.”

Giving high importance on security, Guo Ping highlighted the role of governments and mobile operators to work together to agree upon Europe's assurance testing and certification regime. He identified responsibilities of technology providers, carriers and the industry.

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