Singapore Changi set to unveil world's largest indoor waterfall

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Dhaka: Holidaymakers arriving at Singapore Changi Airport from mid-April will be met by the sight of the world’s largest indoor waterfall as the airport prepares to unveil its GBP 951 (USD 1238) million Jewel development.

Long in the making, the vast extension built over a former car park is to open on April 17 and will feature an indoor “forest valley” with 3,000 trees, a 40-metre high “rain vortex” and more than 280 shops and restaurants.

Jewel at Changi, an airport regularly ranked as the best in the world, will be 10 storeys high, cover 137,000 square metres and feature a “canopy park” with walking trails and a playground.

It will be connected to terminals one, two and three, which cover both British Airways and Singapore Airlines flights to and from London.

It was designed by a team of consultants from Safdie Architects as well as RSP and Benoy.

“Jewel is set to be a unique destination, like no other,” said Ivan Tan, Group Senior Vice President of Communications, Changi Airport.

“It offers a mix of lush greenery, a scenic waterfall, incredible retail offerings and family play attractions that together make for an unrivalled experience. We are excited to bring a new dimension to the travel and leisure experience of our visitors,” he added.

Jewel will also be home to its own 130-room hotel by Yotel, a brand that specialises in airside cabin-type pods. Shops in the space will include the largest Nike store in south-east Asia, a Uniqlo and a Marks and Spencer.

A second phase of development is planned for later in the year, which will include three further attractions: Sky Nets, Canopy Mazes and Discovery Slides.

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