Grameenphone first to cross 1 crore 4G customer mark

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Dhaka: Grameenphone Ltd. becomes the first operator in the country to cross the 1 crore 4G customer mark within fourteen months of introducing 4G.

Since the launch of 4G in February 2018, Grameenphone crossed the threshold of 50 lac 4G customers in November 2018 and the latter 50 lac joined within only the next five months.

The introduction of 4G last year ushered the nation to a new era of digitalisation with a promise to put high-speed internet in people’s reach. Grameenphone was granted an operating license for 4G services after it acquired 5 MHz spectrum in the 1800 MHz frequency band, making it the highest holder of the 1800 MHz frequency, the most suitable spectrum for 4G/LTE rollout.

The intensity of the internet customer base growth is in direct correlation with the growing role of internet in everyday life. 4G growth, which was primarily in the urban areas, found its way to the semi-urban and rural landscape as faster internet began shaping the lifestyle of the people of Bangladesh.

Starting from seeking knowledge to developing agricultural ecosystem, from grocery shopping to managing transportation, the internet is shifting the thought paradigm and consumer behaviour in the country.

Yasir Azman, DCEO and CMO, Grameenphone, said, “Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing 4G markets in Asia. This shows how fast the country is moving towards digitalisation through mobile broadband while creating opportunities to unleash vast potentials. Grameenphone is committed to invest and bring high speed internet to citizens all over Bangladesh. This milestone of 1 crore million 4G subscribers for Grameenphone inspires us to do it better and faster.”

Grameenphone is the first operator in Bangladesh to introduce mobile internet and take it across the country, giving people access to the world of information. The company also invested in building a digital ecosystem in the country in support of a digital lifestyle.

Grameenphone partnered with different stakeholders to reduce the price of internet-enabled devices, introducing digital services and supporting startups to come up with new services. Currently, over 3.7 crore customers use the internet on Grameenphone’s network.

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