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Dubai: Emirates Holidays is revealing the highlights of its new travel programme for 2019 – 2021. Now available online and in print, ‘Be There: The Worldwide Holiday Collection’ has been curated to include trending destinations for travellers from Dubai as identified by Emirates Holidays’ team of travel experts.

Mark White, Head of Product at Emirates Holidays commented: “In 2018, the most popular countries to travel to from Dubai with Emirates Holidays were: Thailand, Maldives, Switzerland, Germany and the UK. Typically leading our top travelled to destinations from the UAE in the past ten years, we also predict a busy time of travel to these countries from 2019 to 2021.”

“However, with UAE travellers continuing to explore more of the world, we have incorporated new itineraries to emerging and trending destinations in these countries and beyond,” White continued.

Beyond the UK, other highlight destinations which feature extended itinerary options include UK;Japan; California, USA; Hamburg, Germany; and Cape Town, South Africa.

Alongside extended touring options, which can be tailor-made to all preferences, the collection includes more than 200 new accommodation options added to the Emirates Holidays portfolio with its itineraries, and the bespoke requests of its travellers, in mind.

Tailored versions of ‘Be There: The Worldwide Holiday Collection’ have been created for Emirates Holidays’ key markets and are now available worldwide.

‘Be There: The Worldwide Holiday Collection’ programme highlights, also available online: www.emiratesholidays.com/ae_en/ebrochure or one can see the entire roster of new hotel and tour options available throughout www.emiratesholidays.com.

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