ALK Airlines flight attendant slams onto plane ceiling due to turbulence

- A Monitor Desk Report 19 Jun, 2019 | 2340 Views|-+
Dhaka: A flight attendant aboard an ALK Airlines flight en route from Kosovo to Switzerland got thrown onto the plane’s ceiling due to severe turbulence on Jun 16.

Footage shows the Boeing 737-300 aircraft getting violently jerked, throwing a flight attendant and beverage cart onto the ceiling. Another passenger is seen, drenched by the beverage cart liquids, having her hands clasped in prayer at the end of the video.

ALK Airlines flight VBB-7205, carrying 121 people on board, was over South Tyrol about 30 minutes prior to landing in Basel, when it encountered turbulence "while deviating around an isolated active thunderstorm cell".

The aircraft proceeded to land safely in Basel, where 10 passengers were taken to hospital with minor injuries. After about two and a half hours later, the aircraft commenced its return flight.

ALK Airlines reported that the seat belt signs were on at the time of the incident, as flight crew anticipated possible turbulence. After a strong downdraft, the crew requested a descent. No emergency was declared.

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