Biman Bangladesh to launch hajj flights from July 4

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Dhaka: The national flag carrier Biman Bangladesh Airlines is going to launch their first hajj flight of this season BG-3001 on July 4 carrying 419 hajj pilgrims from Dhaka to Jeddah.

Md Mahbub Ali, State Minister of Civil Aviation and Tourism Ministry and Sheikh Md Abdullah, State Minister of Religious Affairs will be present at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport for the launching of the inaugural flight.

On the same day, hajj flight BG-3101, BG-3201 and BG-3301 will depart from Dhaka at 11:15 am, 3:15 pm and 7:15 pm respectively for Jeddah while scheduled flight BG-0035 will depart at 8:15 pm.

The carrier will operate 19 hajj flights from Chattogram and 3 from Sylhet this year.

About 1,27,198 hajj pilgrims will go to Saudi Arab from Bangladesh this year. Among which, Biman will carry 63,599 hajj pilgrims, of these, 7,198 royalty are going in government management and the rest 56,401 non-royalty hajj pilgrims are going in private management.

This year, Biman has 4 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft ready to carry hajj pilgrims on Dhaka-Jeddah-Dhaka route. Hajj pilgrims will also fly in scheduled flights of Biman on the following route. The flight duration from Dhaka to Jeddha will be around 7 hours.

Biman will operate hajj flights for two months and a total of 365 flights will be operated, among which 304 are dedicated and 61 are scheduled flights.

From July 4 to August 5, 189 flights (dedicated 157 and scheduled 32) will be operated in pre-hajj. In post-hajj, 147 flights (dedicated 147 and scheduled 29) will be operated from August 17 to September 15 among which 18 flights will fly direct from Bangladesh to Medina and 15 flights will fly direct from Medina to Bangladesh. To operate hajj-flights, Biman has made special arrangements in both Dhaka and Jeddah.

For the first time, immigration operations of Jeddah airport will be conducted from Dhaka for some flights. An immigration team for that purpose will be available here in Dhaka.

This year, oneway and return cost have been set to USD100 and USD200 respectively.

Customs formalities will be conducted at Ashkona hajj camp adjacent to Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport as every year.

From 1973 till date, 10,60,444 hajj pilgrims have received Biman Bangladesh Airline’s services for performing hajj.

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