Airlines in India to charge extra for choice of seats

-A Monitor Desk Report 26 Dec, 2016 | 3658 Views|-+
New Delhi : Airlines in India will be charging extra for preferred seats as they look to increase their ancillary revenues amid fierce competition.

Charging extra for choice of seats in flights, including the middle ones, is a commonly accepted international practice and is not something new. It also helps in adding to the ancillary revenues, aviation industry officials said.

Passengers give more preference for window and aisle seats as well as those having extra leg room, they added.

A Jet Airways spokesperson said allowing guests to pre-reserve seats for a fee is a prevalent and commonly accepted industry practice by almost all major airlines, full service as well as low cost, in the world.

"It is also followed by domestic carriers in India and forms a part of a carrier's ancillary revenues, compliant with the DGCA guidelines," he said in a detailed response to queries about charging for preferred seats, including the middle ones.

According to him, in terms of the middle seats, only the front seven rows in the domestic economy cabin can be pre-reserved for a charge while such seats in the remaining 19 rows can be pre-reserved free of charge.

With increasing competition in the Indian aviation sector, which has been seeing over 20 per cent domestic passenger growth for nearly two years, airfares are relatively at lower levels. Against this backdrop, airlines look at ways to increase their ancillary revenues, including by way of charging extra for preferred seats.

"The seats are assigned on a first come first served basis at the check in counter. A passenger who needs to select a seat can opt for web check in and block the seat and can also do it while booking flight tickets," a SpiceJet spokesperson said while responding to queries about charging for choice of middle seats.

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