Hotel Sarina offers swimming classes with Jack

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Dhaka: Hotel Sarina is introducing “Learn with Mr. Jack” swimming classes for kids during this summer to make swimming sessions more effective and fun for kids.

Swimming lessons, offered by Hotel Sarina, with Jack’s caring and personalised instruction, not only teaches how to swim, but also teaches kids about safety, survival and rescuing skills. The sessions also offer different water activities that kids can enjoy.

A variety of classes are available to meet your family’s needs. The class duration and number of students in each class are set considering safety factors and the age of the participants to provide utmost comfort to the kids.

The sessions will start from September 1. It will consist of 24 classes and will cost BDT 10,000 per kid. Kids under 5 to 7 years old can also join this session. Minimum of 3 students are required for a class to start.

Students will be grouped the very first day, based upon their skill level. There won’t be any makeup class if anyone misses a class. However, if any class is cancelled due to some unavoidable reason, then it will be made up on Friday.

Families with children are asked to use the Family Restrooms for changing clothes, no youth is allowed in Adult Locker Rooms and no adults are allowed in Youth Locker Rooms.

Adults interested in triathlon competition can also apply. Private and group lessons can be arranged for young people interested in improving their technique and speed.

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