Cathay Pacific upgrades meal in economy class

- A Monitor Desk Report 05 Nov, 2019 | 1834 Views|-+
Dhaka: Cathay Pacific may have answered the prayers of foodie travellers flying coach with their recent tie-up with Black Sheep Restaurants. The airline’s “Move Beyond” brand promise has led to their first ever partnership with a restaurant group, the fruits of which will be served on long-haul flights out of Hong Kong starting this month.

Black Sheep Restaurants, currently comprising 24 restaurants and two Michelin stars, built by co-founders Syed Asim Hussain and Christopher Mark, worked with the airline for 12 months on the menu. Dishes are inspired by their outlets, which span a wide range of cultures and cuisines.

Passengers could be tucking into Hotal Colombo’s vegetable kari (curry) with spinach and lemon rice, Motorino's broccoli mac and cheese, and Chôm Chôm’s shredded chicken and cabbage salad with nuoc cham dressing.

Hussain said, “I think the thing we are most proud is that we have got ourselves to the economy section of the plane. We were really attracted to the challenge of economy because in economy there are fewer amenities and we thought food is even more important because you don't have the service, the chinaware, you don’t have the space.”

“And we felt that’s where our people are, the young aspirational, adventure seeking people that travel for work and also for leisure,” said Mark. “To get them on board is an opportunity and a challenge for us.”

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