Farhana Afrin Ayshe, Mrs Tourism Globe 2019 says

“I will promote all tourism attractions of every district”

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Dhaka: As Mrs Tourism Globe 2019, I plan to promote all the tourism attractions of every district of Bangladesh to the world. I will visit every corner and showcase what each region contains offer in terms of tourism through YouTube, social media, blog and other platforms in collaboration with different tourism organisations.

Farhana Afrin Ayshe, Mrs Tourism Globe 2019 said this while talking to the media at a press meet held on November 13 at Dhaka Regency Hotel and Resort.

“This will help attract foreigners to visit our beautiful Bangladesh as well as have a clear idea about what each place has to offer,” added Ayshe.

The 22-year old Bangladeshi won the title of ‘Mrs Tourism Globe’ during the 2019 world finals of Mrs Tourism Pageant hosted in Manila, Philippines held from October 15-28. This is the first time Bangladesh participated in such international event and came back with a crown.

Ayshe participated in the world finals through winning the Mrs Tourism Bangladesh national pageant first, organised by the franchise owner Apurbo Dot Com. She also has professional music and dance training and plans to use all her skills to contribute to the tourism sector.

“We are going to arrange a musical tour with a music troupe and Ayshe all over the country. And each event will take place at a tourist attraction. This will help generate awareness and contribute to the development of tourism in all regions,” said Apurbo Abdul Latif, President, Apurbo Dot Com.

The events will also be promoted through various online platforms, he mentioned.

Besides the prime crown, Ayshe also received five other appellations – Best in Forum, Darling of the Press, Mrs Nix Institute of Beauty, Mrs Berry Gluta and Mrs Fairy White, the latter two are brand ambassadorship.

Zahara Mitu, Winner of Super Model Bangladesh 2017 and Ayshe’s husband Arif Motahar, Chairman of Dhaka Regency Hotel and Resort were also present on the occasion, among others.

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