Amari Dhaka hosts seafood festival this January

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Dhaka: Amari Dhaka is going to host a seafood festival bringing an extravagant variety of flavours straight from the sea to Amaya Food Gallery from January 19–23.

The hotel’s newly appointed executive Chef Hassan Koubaissi will put his skills on display at the Seafood Market special dinner buffet priced at BDT 5000 net per person.

Chef Hassan along with his team will introduce a unique contemporary line of mouth-watering seafood dishes with the freshest seafood ingredients and aromatic spices from the Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Italian live kitchens of Amaya.

The menu will include a wide variety of fresh fish right off the boat cooked in a myriad of styles. Some notable names from the menu are Chinese Szechuan Fish, Yasai Prawn Curry, Lebanese Fish Harra, Spanish Paella Rice, Indian Fish Biryani and Fish Kowliwada. There will also be a seafood salad bar with huge varieties.

The buffet will have an arrangement of raw fishes and seafood items, so that guests can choose their favourite items with the original spices. It will also include crowd favourites like Tiger Shrimps, Lobster, Crab, Sea Bass, Squid, Actabos and Salmon in a variety of forms.

Buy One Get One offer is available for selected cards.

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