10,000 dollars can be carried without endorsement while travelling to BD

- A Monitor Report 04 Feb, 2020 | 1474 Views|-+
Dhaka: Now, anyone can carry 10 thousand dollars without any endorsement in the passport while travelling to and from Bangladesh. This comes as Bangladesh Bank increased the limit rectifying the foreign exchange policy on February 3.

Earlier, only five thousand dollars was permitted to bring in or take out from the country without an endorsement.

Officials of Bangladesh Bank said, 10 thousand dollars is approved for bringing in or taking out without endorsement in India and many other countries. Since bilateral relations among Bangladesh and other countries are increasing day by day, Bangladeshis are able to travel conveniently in today’s age.

These are the factors that led to the increase of the limit in our country. However, this new rectification facilitates mainly those who bring dollars from abroad, even though there are risks of it being misused.

According to Bangladesh Bank’s policy, any Bangladeshi citizen, under travel quota, can spend up to 12 thousand dollars in a year. One must endorse it in the passport. Therefore, now, expenditure of dollars for Bangladeshis travelling abroad has become easier.

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