US-Bangla launches cargo flights to int'l destinations

- A Monitor Desk Report 16 May, 2020 | 1348 Views|-+
Dhaka: The largest private carrier US-Bangla Airlines has launched cargo flights to various international destinations to keep the country's import and export operations mobile amid the coronavirus pandemic.

These destinations include Bangkok, Singapore, Kolkata and Guangzhou.

US-Bangla's cargo flights, operated by Boeing 737-800, is currently being used to help import daily necessities, especially medical supplies to bolster healthcare services during the virus outbreak.

The carrier is also exporting essential items such as garments, perishable products and so on.

Its Boeing 737-800 aircraft has 15 tonnes of cargo capacity.

To note, US-Bangla can operate cargo flights to only those countries with which Bangladesh has bilateral agreements on cargo transportation.

Therefore, the airline is planning to further expand its cargo network in Asia by operating to Kuala Lumpur, Chennai, Muscat, Doha, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE.

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