DGHS issues guidelines for reopening hotels in COVID-19 aftermath

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Dhaka: As the government lifted the nationwide lockdown and businesses are to resume operations, the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) has issued 15 guidelines for reopening hotels in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Eight public health experts, studying and reviewing the relevant technical guidelines of China and other countries, have prepared these instructions for Bangladesh, said DGHS.

The guidelines for reopening hotels are as follows:

Before reopening, anti-epidemic materials such as masks, disinfectants etc should be collected. Emergency plans need to be made. Disposal area of emergently infected items should be set up. Accountability of all units and strengthening of staff training must be ensured.

Health monitoring systems for employees are to be established. The health status of staff must be recorded on a daily basis and timely treatment for those who feel sick must be arranged.

Temperature monitors at the hotel lobby must be installed to measure the temperature of guests and only those with normal temperatures should be allowed to enter.

Ventilation in the office must be increased. When using the central air conditioner, it should run at the usual level. Pure ventilation be increased. Arrangements are to be made so that the exhaust air does not re-enter.

Regular cleaning and disinfection of door handles and other public utilities such as elevators and public toilets that come in frequent hand contact must be ensured. Disinfection of equipment and utensils in the guest room after each use is a must. Emphasis should be placed on cleaning and sterilising food dishes.

The entrance desk of the lobby and elevator, front desk and verandah of the guests should be kept clean and tidy. Dirt should be cleaned in time.

Adequate amount of liquid soap for hand washing in public toilets is to be provided and general function of water supply must be ensured.

A distance of one meter at the front desk must be maintained to remind guests about the importance of social distancing.

Personal security of staff must be strengthened. They are to be mandated to wear a mask. Hand hygiene should be taken care of. Hand disinfecting devices from the entrance to the elevator at the lobby, the front desk and in other places that dry quickly must be installed.

Everyone should cover their mouth and nose with tissue or elbows while sneezing.

Guests must wear masks.

Dining together, training, meetings and other hospitality activities that call for gathering of a large number of people should be reduced.

Public health awareness measures must be strengthened through posters, electronic screens and bulletin boards.

If any confirmed COVID-19 patient is to be found, the area must be disinfected as per the instructions of the local health authority. The air conditioning and ventilation system have to cleaned and disinfected too as part of the measures.

Lastly, restaurants located in medium and high risk areas require to reduce their business hours.

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